Brief Thoughts on a Bunch O’Books #2

A lovely review of Martin of Gfenn. ❤

The Ceaseless Reader Writes

I’ve been feeling depressed lately, repressed by my busy schedule and moodily brooding in my dark & dingy office as I work toward catching up and earning some free time I can burn by sharing with y’all.  And wouldn’t ya know it, several of my sublime fellow Bloggers just happened to provide some handy word prompts on the very day I have time to post. Thank you Kristian, Fandango, and Ragtag Community!

I already posted these reviews on Goodreads.  If y’all’re interested in reading any of the synopses, just click the linked titles below.  And if you’ve read any of the following, I’d love to read your thoughts in my Comments section.

Martin of Gfenn

Martin of Gfenn by Martha Kennedy.  Rated 4 of 5 stars, “really liked it” and shelved as historical fiction, medieval, and novel on Goodreads.

I really enjoy novels set in the Medieval period, so I…

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